Avant Garde Weddings provides a form of cinematography that is truly unique. We don't use the word "videography" to describe what we do because our films are so much more than just capturing video.  Our ability encompasses multiple aspects of videography, as well as professional production, in order to create a cinematic film...  A film that is engaging and captures all of the intricacies of your special day.  One that inspires you to share with your family and friends and that brings out laughter and joy.  We want you to fall in love with your special day all over again.

Our commitment to quality is what allows our cinematography to stand out.  We begin with using only the best, industry leading, equipment (see a list of our equipment here) and we only film in 4k, the highest resolution available.  Many companies will charge and added fee for filming in 4k but it is our standard.  We make sure that we not only capture the true essence of your wedding day, but tell a story of the love shared between you and your significant other. Our team of highly skilled professionals with years of experience, then sift through all of the footage captured, spend time finding the right tone of music, and create the film of your dreams. 

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Type of Films We Create

We offer two distinct types of films that you will recieve after your wedding.  We create what is called a "Wedding Trailer" and a "Feature Film".  Below you will find a sample of each type of film, from the same wedding, so you can understand and visually see the difference.  Most of our standard wedding packages include both options.  For more information look at our FAQ Section or feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Wedding Trailer

This is a 2-5min video edit, using 1 song, that features "highlighted" aspects of your entire day. A "highlight" video if you will. This edit is a supposed to be a "trailer", similar to a movie, to get family and friends excited about the full length video of your wedding day. This can stand alone as it's own edit but is usually included as part of our larger packages that include a "Feature Film" (displayed below).  This edit is delivered within 1-2 weeks after your wedding day.

Feature Film

This is a 12-20min video edit, using multiple songs, that incorporates every major moment of your wedding day. We capture multiple angles of every scenario, record full audio from the ceremony and reception and piece together an incredibly cinematic "feature film", worthy of any box office.  This edit is delivered 1-2 months after your wedding day.  

Drone Cinematography

An additional unique aspect which we incorporate in all of our weddings is aerial/drone footage. The cinematic footage that we can capture through the use of drones is remarkably stunning and will add an entirely new dimension to your wedding video. Please refer to our drone/aerial page as well as our portfolio page for samples of our work.
You will be in awe of what can be created.

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