Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

1.       Do I receive high-resolution images?

Yes, you will receive a Pinterest style online gallery where you can like, download, and order prints of photos. You will also receive a link which will allow you to download all of your photos in one click.

2.       Do the images contain water marks?

No, you will receive all high-resolution photos without watermarks.

3.       How will you know my wedding timeline, details, & schedule?

We will work closely with you and/or your wedding planner to discuss your wedding timeline and details. One week prior to the event, we will request a finalized timeline/schedule.

4.       How will you work with us throughout the wedding day to make sure you capture all of the precious moments?

By the time we reach your wedding day, we will make sure that you are comfortable with being captured by our team. By this point, we will know all of your expectations and we will make sure we seamlessly capture all of your precious moments.

5.       What type of cameras do you use?

In order to capture quality images and video, Avant Garde Weddings utilizes the best professional equipment.

6.       Do you retouch the photographs?

Yes, we will lightly retouch all images and footage. This can include things such as adjusting balance and contrasts, altering color hues and exposure, removing blemishes, removing noise on video footage, etc. Please click on the link below to see an example of a before and after image.

7.       How long is the teaser trailer video?

The teaser trailer video will be approximately 1 minute in length and it will include highlights of all of the elements of your wedding day. It is ideal for posting on most social media outlets. It will be edited to a song of your choice and you will receive it within 1-2 weeks after the wedding day. The teaser video is a great way to generate excitement for your full length video and you will be able to share it with your family and friends quickly after the wedding.

8.       How long is the full length video?

The full length video will be approximately 10-15 minutes in length and it will include all of the elements of your wedding day including toast and ceremony audio. It will be edited to various songs of your choice which will be decided prior to the wedding day. Upon completion of the first edit, we will provide you with a link where you can view the video and we can discuss any possible changes. Once the video has been finalized and approved, we will host a high-resolution version of the video on a custom website which you can access and share at any time.

9.       Do you use the drones in all of the weddings?

Yes, we love drones! Drones take your wedding photos and video to the next level and provide a cinematic feel which only aerial photography and cinematography can achieve.

10.   When will you shoot photo and video with the drone?

At every wedding we have a designated individual who will utilize the drone at different points during the day whenever they see fit.

11.   Are you licensed and insured to use drones on the wedding day?

At Avant Garde Weddings we have thousands of hours of flying experience using various drones in numerous scenarios and situations. We are licensed, registered, and insured to fly drones and we can provide documentation if requested.

12.   Is Avant Garde Weddings insured?

Yes, Avant Garde Weddings carries general liability insurance and our coverage limits are above the levels requested by even the strictest venues. Proof of insurance can be provided upon request.

13.   Can we customize the photography/cinematography packages?

Please take a look at our a-la-carte menu which may include many of the customization options that you will be interested in. You can also contact us at any point and we will be able to provide you with a customized quote based on your wedding needs.

14.   Do you provide photography and cinematography services for destination weddings?

Yes, we love to travel! We have special relationships with airline and travel companies which allow us to reduce the expenses associated with filming destination weddings. Some of the places we have been include Mexico, India, Italy, Russia, Hawaii, and China, just to name a few.