What Makes Us Different?

"it's our innovative ideas, the technology we use, our turnaround time, and the way we go about executing and displaying our work... That is what separates us from the competition and why we call ourselves Avant Garde." 

- Jonathan "Rico" Arroyo (Owner of Avant Garde Weddings)

 We are here to destroy your old fashioned, industry standard, wedding photography and videography companies.  We want to break the mold of what your typical wedding consists of: boring photos, video footage captured on a still tripod; boring edits with boring music, 4-6 month turn around times, etc.  We are in an era of technology where everything is immediate and viral. Why should your wedding day be any different?  We separate ourselves by leveraging technology, social media, and innovative ideas with a passion and work ethic that produces extremely high quality work with insane turn around times.  


Have you ever heard of a company using a 360 degree camera to give a unique virtual experience for a guest who couldn't attend, or a live online Facebook feed of your wedding ceremony?  How about getting aerial images of your ceremony from our drones that you can share on a projected live instagram wall during your actual reception, just minutes after they were taken?!?!  What about a live photo album shared with you and all of your guest's phones throughout the night or highlighted moments captured on snapchat?  

It's 2016 and the technology is here.  

Make your wedding "Avant Garde" by working with us!